Support for Clean WaterTips for Home and Yard

Tips for Your Cars and Boats

  • Keep your car and boat maintained to prevent leaks.
  • When washing your car, do it on grass, gravel or other surfaces that can soak up the soap.
  • Use environmentally safe detergents to clean your car and boat.
  • Prevent oil spills at marinas and gas stations by ensuring you don’t overfill your gas tank.
  • Use oil-absorbent pads in your boat’s bilge.
  • When you are out on the water, be sure to keep your boat off the bottom—it could damage important habitats!
  • Be sure to carry your trash off the boat and dispose of it ashore.
  • Use environmentally safe paint to prevent fouling on the bottom of your boat.

Tips for Disposing of Household Chemicals

  • Aren’t sure if your household chemicals are hazardous? The Delaware Solid Waste Authority provides a list of what is considered hazardous.
  • Don’t dump anything down a storm drain as it goes directly to your local waterway. Instead, dispose of these materials by dropping off to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority on scheduled collection days.
  • If you are still unsure of how to dispose something, call the Delaware Solid Waste Citizen’s Hotline at 1-800-404-7080.
  • Be sure to dispose of expired or unused medications properly. The FDA provides guidance on how to best dispose of prescription drugs.
  • For more information on how to dispose of chemicals in your area, visit the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary’s web page for specific details on disposal of chemicals in each county.