Funding for Clean Water DelawareInvesting in our waterways would allow the State of Delaware to continue the good work it is already doing. State and local governments have updated failing septic systems, removed pollutants from public water systems, and cleaned up sites that have suffered from decades of contamination.   But, due to a decrease in federal funding and increased community demands, our waterways and aging wastewater systems are still struggling. Across Delaware, 377 bodies of water such as bays, creeks, and ponds experience pollution from fertilizers, sewage, runoff, toxics, and bacteria, impacting our public safety when swimming in our waterways and catching seafood in local areas. Securing enough funding for clean water projects is imperative if we want to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

If we want to ensure the work we’ve done to improve Delaware’s waterways isn’t reversed we need to provide the dedicated funding for clean water now.

Clean Water is the clear choice for Delaware. Join us!

According to the State of Delaware, over the next 5 years, our state needs more than $500 million in wasterwater facility upgrades alone. But, current funding directed towards clean water programs generate $30 million annually. It would take over 100 years just to meet these current needs. Additional funding is needed to ensure we don’t backtrack on the work we’ve already done to improve water quality and leave a lasting legacy of clean water for future generations.