In The News

In the News

WDDE: As Sea Levels Rise, Wilmington Neighborhood Deals First with Flooding 9/20/19

Delaware State News: Taskforce Urging Milford to Buy Historic Shipyard Site 9/19/19

Delaware Online: Rehoboth Bay Creeks “Highly Impaired”  by Nitrogen; Development to Blame Says Report 9/18/19

CBS News: Storm Resistant Parks are Helping Cities Defend Themselves Against Flooding 9/17/19

WDEL: Happy Trails in Newark; Community Celebrates Bike Path Connector 9/17/19

Philadelphia Inquirer: As Sea Levels Rise, Philadelphia Airport in the Crosshairs 9/17/19

WBOC: Delaware Center for Inland Bays Issues State of the Creek Report 9/16/19

WDDE: DNREC Secretary Calls Repeal of Clean Water Rule ‘A Concern’; Farmers Celebrate 9/13/19

Dover Post: Carper – This is a Breakthrough Moment on PFAS 9/11/19

Cape Gazette: Rehoboth Testing for Stormwater Contaminants 9/11/19

WDDE: Lawmakers Push for State Limit on PFAs in Drinking Water 9/6/19

WDDE: Federal Government Recruits New Castle Residents for PFAS Study 9/4/19

WDDE: DNREC Looking to Use State Funds for Drinking Water Upgrades in Low Income Communities 8/28/19

WDDE: New Castle County Legislation Limiting Landfill Height Signed 8/28/19

Delaware Online Op-Ed: The Fading Bethany Beach Firefly Exposes Trump’s Endangered Species Plan 8/28/19

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Here’s How New Castle County Plans to Protect the Environment 8/26/19

Delaware State News Letter to the Editor: Group Worked Tirelessly for Ellendale’s Clean Water 8/24/19

Delaware Today: With Help of Community Delaware State Parks Experience Renaissance 8/23/19

Cape Gazette: Citizens Oppose Allens Harim, Artesian Permit for Wastewater 8/23/19

WDDE: Demolition of UD Dorms to Start Next Month for Stormwater Park 8/22/19

WDDE: DNREC, City of Lewes Wants Dunes Cleared of Illegally Stored Kayaks 8/19/19

Delaware State News Op-Ed: Volunteers Helped With New Ellendale Water District 8/18/19

WDDE: Delaware Builds More Houses in Coastal Risk Zones than Not 8/16/19

WBOC 16: Delaware Oyster Reef Seeks Clean Water 8/15/19

WDDE: Town of Ellendale Approved for Drinking Water After Years Without It 8/14/19

Delaware State News: Ellendale’s Long Wait for Clean Water Ends 8/10/19

Coastal Point: Carney Signs Plastic Bag Ban 8/8/19

WDDE: New Castle County to Modify Landfill Permits 8/7/19

Delaware State News: Ellendale Water District Approved 8/6/19

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Fighting Delaware Landfill Should Just Be the Beginning 8/6/19

NBC: Endangered List Sought for Rare Firefly in Bethany Beach 8/3/19

Sussex Countian: Water Quality Information 8/2/19

Washington Post: Scientists Want Firefly Unique to Delaware on Endangered List 8/2/19

WDDE: Assawoman Living Shoreline Completed, More Planned This Fall 7/31/19

Delaware State News: Plastic Bag Ban Becomes Law; Takes Effect in 2021 7/30/19

WDEL: What Delaware’s Plastic Bag Ban Means For You 7/29/19

WDDE: Landfill Operator Calls Drinking Water Claims Misinformation Ahead of Rally 7/26/19

WDDE: A State Program to Help Low Income People Pay Water Bill is Not Being Used 7/25/19

Cape Gazette: Clean Water and Revolving Loan Fund Set for July 25 7/23/19

WDDE: Registration Open for Annual Coastal Cleanup 7/23/19

Cape Gazette: Grants for Surface Water & Drinking Water Being Accepted 7/23/19

WBOC: Milford Boat Ramp Close for Summer 7/22/19

Delaware State News: Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta Casts of in Blades on Aug 3 7/20/19

WDDE: Opposition Continues After DRPI Landfill Comment Period Ends 7/19/19

Coastal Point: Mountaire Tries New Plan to Include Traffic and Runoff in Selbyville 7/18/19

Hockessin Community News: Carper, Coons, Blunt Rochester React to PFAs Contamination Around Dover AFB 7/15/19

Chesapeake Bay Journal: Chesapeake States Grapple with Forever Chemical Contaminating Drinking Water 7/15/19

Dover Post: Chemicals Above EPA Limits Found in Wells Near Dover Air Force Base 7/14/19

47 ABC: Officials: Wells Near Dover Air Force Base Contaminated 7/14/19

WDEL: High Levels of Chemicals Found Near Air Force Base in Dover 7/14/19

WHYY: Popular Delaware Beach State Park Gets Historic Upgrades 7/13/19

WDEL: Why Is the American Kestrel Threatened 7/12/19

Coastal Point: Cause of Eerie Dirkson Creek Fishkill Unknown 7/11/19

Dover Post: New Waterway Cleanup Experiment 7/11/19

Cape Gazette: Delaware Announces Largest Round of Farmland Preservation 7/11/19

Philadelphia Inquirer: What the Delaware River Means to Our Region 7/10/19

Dover Post: DNREC Posts New Waterway Cleanup Video 7/9/19

Cape Gazette: Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found in Delaware Bay 7/5/19

Sussex Countian: DNREC Says No Vibrio in Delaware 7/4/19

Hockessin Community News: Delaware River Basin Commission Funding Falls More Than $1M Short 7/3/19

Coastal Point: State Adds More than 134K Acres to Restored Farmland Roster 7/3/19

Middletown Transcript: Governor Signs Off on Final Budget 7/1/19

NJ Spotlight: DRBC Faces Another Funding Shortfall from Three States and Federal Government 7/1/19

WDDE: RASCL Fights for Small Communities Fighting Big Climate Change 6/28/19

WBOC: Environmental Scientists Test Coastal Waters During Summer Months 6/28/19

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Lewes Officials Urged to Protect Citizens 6/28/19

WHYY: States, Feds Continue to Shortchange DRBC 6/26/19

Cape Gazette: Delaware Botanic Gardens Closer to Opening 6/25/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Delaware Announces Largest Round of Farmland Preservation in State History 6/24/19

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Flood, Water Quality Issues Deserve Sustainable Funding 6/24/19

WHYY: Renewed Call to Halt Horseshoe Crab Harvest in Delaware Bay 6/22/19

47 ABC: Holt’s Landing State Park Unveils Improvements 6/21/19

Delaware State News: Murderkill River Runs Red for a Reason 6/16/19

WHYY: Congress Eyes Ban on Firefighting Foam That Has Tainted Philly Region Water 6/15/19

Coastal Point: Carper: Farmers and Drinking Water at Risk with Rollback 6/13/19

WHYY: Delaware Dyes Streams Red to Predict How a Wastewater Spill Would Pollute Shellfish 6/13/19

Chesapeake Bay Journal: Atlantic White Cedars Helped Build Our Nation; Now They Need Help Rebuilding Population 6/13/19

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Don’t Fail Again to Fix Delaware’s Clean Water Problem 6/12/19

Cape Gazette: Bill Aims to Earmark Funds to Clean Up Waterways 6/10/19

Baltimore Sun: At Delaware Beaches, Scientists Test Waters for Signs of Fecal Bacteria 6/9/19

WDDE: DNREC to Conduct Dye Test at Murderkill River and Delaware Bay this week 6/9/19

WDDE: Delaware Hosts Environmental Justice Roundtable on Route 9 Corridor 6/7/19

Chesapeake Bay Journal: No Longer Treading Water, Delaware Moves Towards Dedicated Cleanup Funding 6/7/19

47 ABC: Ellendale Residents Hopeful for Clean Water 6/7/19

Delaware Online/ News Journal: Perdue Failed to Meet Terms of Its Solid Waste Permit 6/7/19

WDDE: New Coastal Zone Rules Clarify Conditions for Potential New Industry 6/7/19

WDDE: FDA Finds Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Some Foods During Testing in Delaware 6/7/19

Delaware State News: Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Becomes Law 6/7/19

Coastal Point: Water Family Fest Promises Fun for All Ages at James Farm 6/6/19

WHYY: Water Warriors Demand Funding for Clean Water Projects in Del. 6/5/19

47 ABC: Advocates Rally for Funding for Clean Water in Delaware 6/5/19

WBOC 16: Environmentalists Rally for Clean Water Bill in Delaware 6/5/19

WDEL & Delaware 105.9: Water Warriors Rally for Steady Funding to Pay for Clean Water, Flood Control Projects 6/5/19

WDDE: Blades Residents Pursue Lawsuit Against DuPont Chemours and Others 6/5/19

Cape Gazette: Rehoboth Dock Could Be Ready by Next Summer 6/4/19

WBOC 16: Free Lifejacket Loaner Program in Delaware 6/2/19

WBOC: DE Legislation Aims to Create Clean Water Fund 5/31/19

Delaware Today: How Mt. Cuba’s Conservation Projects are Preserving Delaware’s Natural Ecosystems 5/21/19

Delaware State News: Volunteers Aim to Rescue Diamondback Terrapins 5/19/19

WDDE: PA, NJ and DE Governors Pledge to Cooperate on Delaware River Basin Watershed 5/17/19

WHYY: DE, NJ and PA Governors Pledge to Cooperate on Delaware River Basin Environment 5/17/19

Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa, NJ and Del. Governors Meet in Philadelphia, Commit to Health of Delaware River 5/16/19

KYW 1060: NJ, Pa. and Del. Governors Team Up to Protect Watershed 5/16/19

Delaware 105.9: Delaware Releases Coastal Zone Conversion Report 5/15/19

Delaware State News: Delaware House Approves Ban on Plastic Bags 5/15/19

Cape Gazette: Rehoboth Approves $3 Million in Wastewater Upgrades 5/15/19

WDDE: Riverboat Queen Returns to Waters of the Christina 5/9/19

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: Mispillion Harbor Preserve Critical to Horseshoe Crabs and Migratory Birds 5/9/19

Delmarva Now: Chesapeake Bay Barometer Shows Its Bouncing Back 4/10/19

Cape Gazette: Citizens Allowed to Intervene in DNREC-Mountaire Suit 4/10/19

Yale Environment 360: Coastal Recovery- Bringing a Damaged Wetland Back to Life 5/9/19

WDDE: Auburn Valley State Park Expands 5/3/19

6 ABC: New Castle County Fourth Graders Set to Sail 5/2/19

Cape Gazette: Carper’s Earth Day Visit to Cape Henlopen 4/29/19

Sussex Countian: Carper Celebrates Earth Day in Sussex 4/24/19

Delaware State News: Little Creek Pier Opens, Town Eyes Future as Destination Location 4/23/19 Delaware: Delaware Environmental Institute Studies Wetlands to Understand Climate Change 4/22/19

Delaware State News: Bill Would Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags 4/18/19

WDEL/Delaware 105.9: New Bill Would Seriously Limit Single-Use Plastic Bags 4/18/19

Cape Gazette: Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve Overlook Opens in Slaughter Beach 4/16/19

Milford LIVE: Slaughter Beach Overlook Opens to Public 4/16/19

WHYY: New Delaware Beach Boardwalk is a Platform for Eco-Tourists 4/13/19

47 ABC: New Boardwalk and Overlook Opens in Slaughter Beach 4/12/19

WGMD 92.7: Ribbon Cutting and New Marvel Saltmarsh Preserve 4/12/19

Milford Beacon: Marvel Saltmarsh Project Completed 4/12/19

WDDE: As Volunteers Pick Up Trash Christina River Continues to Suffer from Agricultural Runoff 4/8/19

Hockessin Community News: BRCA Sets New River Cleanup Record 4/8/19

Southern Chester County Weekly: Nearly 800 Volunteers Clean Up the Red Clay 4/8/19

WDEL: Local Businesses Get In on Christina River Watershed Cleanup 4/6/19 

Delaware 105.9: Volunteer Prepare to Get Dirty in the Christina River Watershed 4/5/19

Delaware State News: Senator Frustrated With Lack of Movement on Clean Water Initiatives 4/4/19

WDDE: Delaware Lawmakers Weight Capitol Funding Issues for Water Quality Projects 4/4/19

Baltimore Sun: Govs of Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania Join Maryland in Asking for More Chesapeake Bay Funding 4/3/19

WHYY: 115-Year Old Brandywine River Dam Removed to Upgrade Water Pipes and Restore Fish Migration 4/3/19 

WDDE: Croda Settles With State After Ethylene Oxide Leak 3/29/19

WDDE: Water Contamination Worries Grow as Feds Probe New Castle National Guard Base and Seek Weaker Cleanup 3/29/19

Cape Gazette: Wetlands Protection Easement Funding Requests Due April 19 3/28/19

Sussex Countian: Wastewater Dumped On Farm Field; Issued DNREC Violation 3/27/19

Delaware Online: New Jersey Regulators Issue ‘Directive’ to Delaware Companies Over Teflon Chemicals 3/25/19

WHYY: 25 Delaware Riser-Area Water Quality Projects Get $4.1 Million in Federal Funds 3/25/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Delaware Watershed Conservation Funding Announced 3/22/19

Delaware Online: Brandywine Dam Removal Start of Fish Migration 3/22/19

WDDE: Shad Project Among Grantees for New Delaware River Conservation Fund 3/22/19

Delaware Online Letter to the Editor: Everyone Deserves Clean Water 3/15/19

WDDE: Funding and Economic Development at Odds at 7th Street Peninsula 3/15/19

Cape Gazette: Sussex Group Hammers Out Definitions for Wetlands and Buffers 3/15/19

Cape Gazette: Environmental Board Holds Up Artesian Permit 3/12/19

WDDE: Businesses Hope for Flooding Solution on 7th Street 3/11/19

Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed: Our Beer is Only as Good as Our Water 3/11/19

Cape Gazette: Experts Present First in Series of Water Workshops in Lewes 3/11/19

Cape Gazette: Lewes Community Wants Change in Density Calculations for Wetlands 3/1/19

Cape Gazette: Senator Coons’ Environmental Priorities Included in Final Appropriations Bill 2/27/19

WDDE: New Castle Residents Participate in Federal Chemical Exposure Study 2/25/19

NBC COAST TV: DNREC Prepares for Start of Trout Season 2/25/19

PennLive: What Are Brewers for the Delaware River 2/25/19

Coastal Point: Mountaire Cleans Up Another Wastewater Release 2/21/19

KYW News Radio 1060: Mussel Hatchery To Be Built To Reduce Pollutants in Delaware River 2/19/19

Cape Gazette: Sussex Buffers Group Kicks Off Meeting 2/19/19

Delaware Business New: Port of Wilmington Getting $17 Million in Improvements 2/18/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Delaware River Restoration Awarded $6M in Federal Budget 2/15/19

Philadelphia Inquirer: Budget Deal Signed By Trump Includes $6M for Delaware River 2/15/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Coons Secures Funding for Agricultural And Environmental Priorities 2/15/19

Delaware Online: Q is for Quahogs. See What Other Plants and Animals Show Up in the Delaware Alphabet 2/13/19

Food & Wine Magazine: Breweries Team Up with Audubon to Protect Delaware River Watershed 2/11/19

Coastal Point: Inland Bays Foundation Establishes Advocacy Program in Memorial of Austin, Moyer 2/7/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Audubon Funds United Voice for Clean Water in Brewers for the Delaware River 2/1/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: DNREC Announces Revised Sediment and Stormwater Regulations 2/1/19

Sussex Countian: Registration Open for Living Shorelines Workshop 1/31/19

Smyrna-Clayton Sun Times: Carper, Colleagues Intro Legislation To Restore Wetlands and Migratory Bird Habitat 1/31/19

Delaware State News: Bay’s Blue Crab Stock Keeps Growing 1/29/19

Cape Gazette: Inland Bays Foundation Establishes Advocacy Program in Memorial of Austin, Moyer 1/27/19

Cape Gazette: DNREC Introduces Living Shorelines Monitoring Framework 1/25/19

Delaware Business Now: Carney Proposed 3.8 Percent Increase in State Budget 1/25/19

Delaware State News: Pay Hike, No New Taxes, in Gov. Carney’s Budget 1/24/19

Cape Gazette: Delores Price Honored with Community Service Award 1/24/19

Coastal Point: You’ve Heard of FL Oranges. Meet Inland Bays Oysters 1/24/19

Coastal Point: Surf Fishing Permit Fees Increase Feb. 1, Total Capped 1/24/19

Chadds Ford Live: Meetings Planned for Water Trail on Brandywine 1/23/19

47 ABC: Three Kent County Beaches Will Be Replenished 1/22/19

MyEasternShore: Record Rainfall Takes Toll on the Bays 1/21/19

Cape Gazette: DNREC, Public Health Accepting Proposals for Wastewater, Surface and Drinking Water Grants 1/29/19

Delaware State News: Delaware’s Blue Crab Stock Keeps Growing 1/29/19

Cape Gazette: DNREC Introduces Living Shorelines Framework 1/25/19

Cape Gazette: Delores Price Honored with Community Service Award 1/24/19

Coastal Point: You Heard of Florida Oranges? Meet Inland Bays Oysters 1/24/19

47 ABC: Three Kent County Beaches to be Replenished 1/22/19

NBC COAST TV: Senator Carper Encourages Growth in Downtown Milford 1/22/19

WDEL: Despite Frigid Temperatures MLK Day Outdoor Cleanup Presses On in Wilmington 1/22/19

Delaware Online: 12 Ways to Help Delaware Birds and Wildlife Survive This Winter 1/19/19 Delaware: Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane (On the Wilmington Riverfront) 1/16/19

WDDE: Planned Multi-Million Mussel Hatchery Meant to Improve Water Quality 1/16/19

47 ABC: Proposed Surf Fishing Changes to Be Considered 1/16/19

WHYY: The Delaware River and The Clean Water Act 1/15/19

WHYY: Reviving the River (A Series on the Transformation of the Delaware River) 1/15/19

WHYY: How the Clean Water Act Fixed the Delaware River Pollution Problem 1/15/19

WDDE: Delaware College Collaboration Launches Clean Water Initiative 1/11/19

Delaware Online Op-Ed: To Stop Trashing Delaware’s Water Supply We Must Work Together 1/10/19

Delaware Online: Surf Fishing Permit Limit and Fee Increase Possible 1/8/19

Delaware Online: Wilmington Redevelopment Along Brandywine River to Include Waterfront Road 1/8/19

Cecil Whig: Report: Chesapeake Bay Hit Hard by Pollution 1/7/19

Delaware State News: Downstate Drainage Systems Overwhelmed by Record Rainfall in 2018 1/5/19

WDDE: Beach Replenishment Coming to Kitts Hummock, Pickering Beach and Bowers Beach 1/5/19

Delaware Online: Will Rising Sea Levels Unleash Toxic Pollutants in Delaware? 12/29/18

Coastal Point: Hocker, Gray Talk Schools, Flooding and More 12/27/18

Delaware Online: Delaware State Parks Wants You to Take a Hike – Literally – On New Year’s Day 12/27/18

Cape Gazette: Coastal Cleanup Nets 2.6 Tons of Trash 12/26/18

Coastal Point: State Parks Prove Economic Power with Tourism Award 12/20/18

Delmarva Now: Can Sussex Land Be Both Protected and Developed? 12/20/18

Bloomberg Business: Rising Waters are Drowning Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor 12/20/18

Cape Gazette: Delaware State Parks Named Tourism Partner of the Year 12/19/18

Chesapeake Bay Magazine: Will New Waters of the US Definition Leave Wetlands Unprotected? 12/17/18

WDDE: Delaware Coastal Cleanup Removed 2.7 Tons of Trash 12/14/18

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Delaware Breweries Know How Important Clean Water Is 12/14/18

Delaware State News: Delaware Center for Inlands Bays Applauds Sussex’s New Wetlands Ordinance 12/13/18

Chesapeake Bay Journal: Feds Announce Proposal to Rollback Protections for Some Waterways and Wetlands 12/12/18

Delaware Business Now: Land and Litter Challenge Seeks Solutions to Poultry Waste 12/12/18

Newark Post: State to Purchase Historic Cooch’s Bridge Property 12/7/18

WDDE: Sussex County Council Approves Ordinance to Protect State Wetlands 12/5/18

Delaware Online: Future Development Near Tidal Wetlands to Face New Density Restrictions 12/4/18

Cape Gazette: New Field Guide Identifies Wetland Plants 12/1/18

WDDE: Prime Hook Restoration Addresses Flooding, Brings Back Native Fish, Plants and Birds – For Now 11/30/18

WHYY: Wilmington Wetlands Project Gets $3 Million 11/30/18

Coastal Point: James Farm Preserve Digs Into Bigger Future 11/29/18

Delaware Business Now: West Center City Project Gets Green Space and Community Gardens 11/28/18

Cape Gazette: Citizens Want Voice in Mountaire Settlement 11/27/18 Delaware: Wilmington Lands $2.9M for Southbridge Wetlands 11/26/18

WDDE: Construction Continues on Wilmington Riverfront 11/26/18

Delaware Business Now: Wilmington Gets $3 Million Federal Grant for Southbridge Wetland Restoration 11/25/18

WDDE: DNREC Launches New tip411 App 11/24/18

Delaware Online: $25 Million Wetland Park Gets $3 Million from Federal Government 11/20/18

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: DNREC Launches New Wetland Field Guide 11/19/18

Delaware Business Now: Multimillion Dollar Soundstage Coming to 7th Street Peninsula 11/16/18 Delaware: Massive Soundstage is Coming to Wilmo’s 7th Street Peninsula 11/16/18

Cape Gazette: Unitarian Universalists Space Earns Wildlife Habitat Certification 11/15/18

Cape Gazette: Water Infrastructure Bill Key to Delaware’s Future 11/14/18

Delaware Online: Want to Build or Buy a Delaware Beach House? Expect Regular Flood Waters in 30 Years 11/14/18

WBOC-TV: Volunteers Clean Up Ellendale on Saturday 11/4/18

Delaware Business Now: EPA Grant to Aid Wetlands in Delaware 11/2/18

WDDE: New Federal Law to Clean Up Water Supplies 11/1/18

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Taking Officials to Task Over Contamination 10/30/18

WBOC-TV: $66 Million in Beach Replenishment Since 2013 10/29/18

WBOC-TV: $75 Million in Beach Replenishment and Expanded Grant Funding For Delaware in America’s Water Infrastructure Act 10/27/18

Milford LIVE: Groundbreaking for Slaughter Beach Boardwalk 10/27/18

47 ABC: Delaware Officials Celebrate Bill That Would Bring Clean Water to Sussex County 10/26/18

The Coastal Point: Bladder Damn Plan Resurrected in Bethany Beach 10/25/18

Delaware Business Now: Farmland Preservation Deadline Extended 10/24/18

Salisbury Times: These Hotly-Debates Ordinances Could Reshape Sussex County – Literally 10/23/18

WDDE: New Boardwalk to Offer View of Marsh in Slaughter Beach 10/22/18

Delaware Online: Delaware Marsh Project Lauded as Educational Tool 10/19/18

Delaware State News: Marvel Tract Saltmarsh Boardwalk Project to Begin 10/19/18

47 ABC: Little Creek to Soon Have Public Access for Boating and Fishing 10/17/18

Delaware Online: Brandywine River Plans for Condos and Park Met with Caution 10/17/18

WDEL: Wilmington Residents Hear What Brownfields May Become 10/17/18

Cape Gazette: Carper Highlights Delaware Priorities in Water Infrastructure Bill 10/16/18

Delaware State News: Sussex – New Housing Density Calculation Proposed 10/16/18

Delaware Online: New Castle County OKs $8M Bond to Back Up Sewer Main Fix 10/15/18

Delaware State News: Liepsic Offers Up Pearl of Oyster Festival 10/13/18

WDDE: New Castle County Moves Ahead With Sewer Repairs 10/12/18

Delaware Online Editorial Board: Federal Government Steps Up for Clean Water. Time for Delaware to Follow Suit 10/12/18

WDDE: Contamination at Dover AFB 254,000 Times Higher Than Proposed Federal Limit, Study Says 10/12/18

WHYY: Pa, Del Slaughterhouses Illegally Dumping Wastewater, Report Says 10/12/18

Cape Gazette: Wheels in Motion for Ellendale Water District 10/11/18

Delaware Online: New Federal Water Could Improve Delaware’s Beaches, Wastewater, Drinking Water 10/10/18

Chesapeake Bay Magazine: Report: Drinking Water in 188 Bay Communities May Increase Cancer Risk 10/8/18

47 ABC: Coast Day Raises Awareness for Conservation and Drinking Water 10/7/18

Delaware Online: With Wilmington to New Castle Trail Open, Planners Envision Bike Connections 10/4/18

Delaware State News: Referendum OK Sets Wheels in Motion for Ellendale Water District 10/3/18

Cape Gazette: Density Calculation Hot Topic in Sussex 9/28/18

Coastal Point: Community Water Quality Improvement Grants Available 9/27/18

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Polluted Water is a Health Crisis, Here’s How We Can Fix It 9/25/18

Sussex Post: Ellendale Area Voters Cast Support for Public Water System 9/21/18

WGMD: Governor Signs Bill to Protect Delaware Coastline from Drilling 9/20/18

Cape Gazette: Third Vote Affirmative in Delaware 9/18/18

Delmarva NOW: Small Sussex Town Soon to Get Clean Water 9/18/18

WHYY: Residents of Rural Sussex Town Vote to Approve Public Water System 9/17/18

Delmarva Public Radio: Ellendale Voters Approve Public Water System 9/17/18

47-ABC: Public Referendum Passes in Ellendale 9/17/18

WGMD: Ellendale Voters Say Yes to Clean Water 9/17/18

WBOC: Ellendale Referendum Passes 9/15/18

Delaware Online: Delaware’s Worst Storms Since 1800 Includes Hurricanes, Nor’Easters Tornados 9/15/18

Delaware Online: Why Delaware Is Vulnerable to a Storm Like Florence 9/15/18

Cape Gazette: Carney Visits Indian River Marina 9/14/18

Delmarva Public Radio: Ellendale Residents to Vote on Proposal 9/14/18

WHYY: Ellendale Residents to Vote on Public Water System 9/14/18

Delaware State News: Delaware Fights Coastal Flooding 9/13/18

Cape Gazette: Ellendale Water District Set for Sept. 15 9/13/18

WBOC: Ellendale Neighbors Push for Public Water System 9/12/18

WGMD: Sussex County Council Hears from Public on Buffers 9/11/18

Delaware Online Op-Ed: The People of Ellendale Deserve Clean Water 9/11/18

Delaware State News Letter to the Editor: Sussex Waterways Need to be Cleaned 9/7/18

WDDE: Jack A. Markell Trail Officially Opens 9/7/18

47 ABC: Referendum Vote Set for Ellendale’s Water System 9/5/18

47 ABC: Officials Share Results of Lead Contamination Tests for Lewes Water 9/5/18

47 ABC: Water At Beebe and Cape Schools Cleared After Lead Advisory 9/1/18