Clean Water Task Force

Clean Water Task Force

In June 2015, the Delaware General Assembly passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 30 creating a Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force. The Task Force, which convened leaders in business, agriculture, conservation, academia and government, was charged with identifying and recommending potential funding mechanisms to improve water quality and alleviate flooding in Delaware. Chaired by Senator Bryan Townsend and Representative Michael Mulrooney, every meeting was open to the public and included a public comment period. Many of our Alliance members were official members of the Task Force or attended as a member of the public to help develop actionable recommendations the state can take to improve water quality.

When the Task Force concluded its study, it released a report that included key findings and recommendations. The Clean Water for Delaware Act (HB270) was a result of this months-long study.

Read more here to learn about how HB270 addresses many of the clean water challenges we face today.

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The Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force Report: