Why Dedicate Funding?

Importance of Clean Water FundingClean water is essential to everyone. Contaminated water doesn’t just affect fish and wildlife living in our local waters, it impacts our everyday lives through the food we eat; the streams, rivers, lakes and bays near our homes; our health; and our economy.  90 percent of Delaware’s waterways are polluted, 100 miles of Delaware’s waters have fish consumption advisories, and Delaware faces an annual deficit of $100 million to address our water quality needs.

But we have the opportunity to become a national leader in proactively ensuring Delaware’s water quality benefits our environment, economy, and health.

Policies like the Clean Water for Delaware Act (HS1 for HB200), which establishes the Clean Water Trust, will provide a dedicated funding stream for water quality, water testing, and flood abatement projects in Delaware. These funds will enhance and accelerate Delaware’s efforts to clean up its contaminated water resources, ensure all Delawareans have safe drinking water, reduce flooding, and protect jobs in agriculture and tourism.