Why Dedicate Funding?

Importance of Clean Water FundingClean Water is critical to our economy, environment, wildlife, food source, and public health.

Over 10% of our entire economy is related to tourism – fishing, boating, and just enjoying a good seafood dinner are all courtesy of our waterways. But, without clean water, this industry would significantly decrease.

Additionally, Delaware’s water supplies and natural resources constitute a substantial economic engine, which contributes somewhere between $2 billion and $6.7 billion to the regional economy in Delaware. This includes everything from the systems that clean our drinking water to the pipes and drains that remove rain water from our streets. Overall, Delaware watersheds represent an economic engine responsible for more than 70,000 jobs and providing over $2 billion in wages.

Simply put, the current funding that is used for clean water initiatives can’t meet the needs we have across the state.   If we don’t find additional funding, we’ll not only fail at meeting our communities’ needs, but reverse great work that public agencies, conservation organizations and businesses have done in years past. By securing the needed funding now, we will be saving the environment, economy and our bottom line from large, emergency, investments in the future. Most importantly, we’ll be ensuring that future generations have the ability to enjoy our waterways just as much as we do now.

Economic information from:  Corrozi Narvaez, M. and Kaufman G., January 2012, Economic Benefits and Jobs Provided by Delaware Watersheds