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Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Vote for Cleaner Water in Sussex in Upcoming Elections 8/31/18

WHYY: Lewes Resident Alerted About Elevated Levels of Lead in Tap Water 8/30/18

Cape Gazette: Forum – Sussex Must Do More to Protect Clean Water 8/27/18

Delaware Today: From the Editor – Improving Our Waterways 8/22/18

Delaware Today: What’s the State of Delaware’s Water 8/22/18

NJ Spotlight: Maps Zeroes In on Pollution in Delaware River Watershed 8/13/17

Dover Post: Keeping Delaware’s Water Clean 8/8/18

47 ABC: Results of Lead Testing in Lewes Water Shared 8/5/18

Delaware Online: There’s 410 Miles of Pipes Under Kent County. And They’re Too Old to Keep Working 7/12/18

Delaware Online: Birding Enthusiasts Rake in Big Bucks to Preserve Northern Delaware Farmland Habitat 6/28/18

Delaware State News Op-Ed: Plant Rain Garden for Beauty and Better Water Quality 6/17/18

Hockessin Community News: More Than 150 Join Clean Water Rally 6/8/18

Middletown Transcript: More Than 150 Join Clean Water Rally 6/8/18

Sussex Countian: More Than 150 Join Clean Water Rally 6/8/18

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: Delawareans Rally for Clean Water 6/8/18

Milford Beacon: More than 150 Rally for Clean Water 6/8/18

ABC 47: Concerned Residents Voice Concerns for Water Quality 6/5/18

WBOC-TV: Rally for Clean Water 6/5/18

WDEL: Rally-Goers Say Delaware Needs A Sustainable Source of Money for Clean Water Projects 6/5/18

Delaware Public Media: Delawareans Rally for Clean Water 6/5/18

Delaware 105.9: Clean Water Rally to Take Place Next Week Outside Legislative Hall 6/1/18

Cape Gazette: DNREC Treats Ponds for Nuisance Aquatic Weeds 6/1/18

Delaware State News: Matching Funds Help Farmland Preservation Program 5/31/18

Delaware Business Now: State Leaders Celebrate Mispillion Habitat Restoration 5/31/18

Delaware Public Media: Sussex Business Leaders Concerned About Offshore Drilling 5/31/18

Delaware Online: Moonlight Lovers Feed the Masses on Restored Mispillion Beach 5/28/18

Delaware State News: $7.8 Million Restoration of Mispillion Harbor Complete 5/25/18

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: Discover Delaware Bayshore, Off the Highway and Onto the Byway 5/23/18

Delaware Online: Battle Against Chicken Disposal Wastewater Project Continues 5/22/18

Delaware State News: Townsend Says Democrats Not Supporting Clean Water Bill Enough 5/19/18

Delaware Public Media: Lawmakers Hear from Clean Water Advocates on Funding 5/17/18

WBOC-TV: Law Firm Plans Class Action Suit in Blades Water Contamination Case 5/15/18

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Investing in Clean Waters Infrastructure Is Important for Delaware Future 5/15/18

Delaware Online: Wilmington Committee to Study Brandywine River Brownfield Sites 5/8/18

Delaware Public Media: Kalmar Nyckel Launches Season 5/2/18

Milford Beacon: Certified Wildlife Habitat Unveiled at Legislative Hall 5/2/18

WBOC: Shrinking Coastline Concerns Some in Bowers Beach 4/27/18

Delaware Online: White Clay Creek State Park Gets Helping Hands 4/22/18

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Mistakes Made Today Take Decades to Repair 4/17/18

Coastal Point Letter to the Editor: We All Need Clean Water 4/12/18

Delaware Business Now: Inland Bays Report Takes Mountaire, DNREC to Task 4/10/18

Delaware Online: Report- Mountaire Has Had Contaminated Water Near Millsboro for Years 4/9/18

Delaware Public Media: Environmental Groups Receive Funding to Protect Northern Delaware Water Quality 4/7/18

ABC 47: Slaughter Beach Starts New Project 3/30/18

Cape Gazette: New Trail Dedicated at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center 3/29/18

Delaware Online: Lawyers Threaten Lawsuit in Mountaire Farms Contamination Case 3/29/18

WHYY: Delaware Urges Residents to Get Private Wells Tested 3/27/18

Delaware 105.9: Delaware Dept. of Health Now Offering Private Well Testing Kits for $4 3/23/18

Delaware Online: Tainted Drinking Water Worries Prompt Forum 4/12/18

Coastal Point Letter to the Editor: Sussex Deserves Clean Water 4/9/18

Delaware Online: Senator Carper Op-Ed: Blades and All of Delaware Deserve Clean Water 3/7/18

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: Fight For Clean Water 3/5/18

Cape Gazette: Op-Ed: Sussex Deserves Clean Water 2/20/18

Delaware Online: Response to Toxic Water Vastly Different in Two Sussex Communities 2/16/18

WHYY: Returning the Swap: Land Donations Aims to Restore Delaware Wetland 2/1/18

WGMD: Delaware Legislators Looking to Start Clean Water Trust 1/16/18

Delmarva Public Radio: Proposed Surcharge to Fund Clean Water Projects in Delaware 1/16/18

Delaware Online: Hockessin Put on Superfund Path 1/16/18

WBOC: Clean Water Surcharge Proposed in Delaware 1/15/18

Coastal Point Letter to Editor: Reader Says Sussex Deserves Clean Water 1/11/18

Cape Gazette: Sussex Deserves a Future with Clean Water 1/9/18

Delaware Business Times:12-acre Wetlands Site Preserved in Milford 12/21/17

Delmarva Now: Birders Have a Hoot 12/20/17

WDEL: Water Main Break Causes Closures in Newark, DE 12/10/17

Delaware Online: Ecological Extinction Task Force Says It’s Time to Save Delaware 12/6/17

Cape Gazette News Brief: Milton, DE Supports Clean Water 11/21/17

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: Bayshore Initiative Advances with New Boat Ramp 11/16/17

Town Square Delaware: Tons of Trash Cleaned Up on Delaware’s Beaches  11/15/17

WBOC: Group Says Efforts to Clean Up the Chesapeake Are Working 10/27/17

WHYY: Delaware First’s Natural Solutions for Water Quality 10/23/17

Delaware Online: Letter to the Editor, Approve New Menhaden Rules 10/5/17

Cape Gazette: Are Plastics a Problem in the Delaware Bay? 10/3/17

AP: Little Fish, Big Worry: Future of Menhaden 10/1/17

WBOC16: Fishermen Say Diminished Fish Population in Delaware Bay Effect Business 9/28/17

Delaware Online: Hurricane Jose Brings Flooding to Delaware 9/19/17

Delaware Online: Dirty Job: Divers Find $10 Million Problem in County Sewers 9/18/17

WHYY/Newsworks: Restoring Mussel Population and Improving Water Quality in Northern Delaware 8/31/17

Philadelphia Inquirer: Let’s See Funding for the Delaware River Watershed 8/28/17

Delaware Online: Algae Bloom Cancels Swim 8/17/17

Dover Post: DNREC Accepting Grant Proposals for Community Water Quality Improvement Grants 8/11/17

WHYY/Newsworks: Rehoboth Beach, Sussex Reach Wastewater Agreement 8/9/17

Cape Gazette: Hundreds Rally for Clean Water in Delaware 7/7/17

Smyrna Clayton Sun Times: Delawareans Advocate for Clean Water Funding at Rally 6/12/17

WBOC16/FOX21: Annual Clean Water Rally in Dover 6/6/17

WBOC16: Clean Water Rally Takes Place in Dover 6/6/17

Cape Gazette News Briefs: Clean Water Rally in Dover  6/2/17 Delaware: Clean Water Delaware is Holding a Clean Water Rally 6/1/17

Delaware State News Letter to the Editor: Of Accessible Wilderness and the Delaware River 5/20/17

Delaware Online Letter to the Editor: Water Study Vital to Delaware 5/17/17

Delaware Online Letter to the Editor: Act Now to Improve Water 5/10/17

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Clean Water: We Know We Have a Problem and We Know How to Fix It 4/27/17

Cape Gazette: Speakman Supports Water Conservation Efforts 4/27/17

WDDE 91.1 Clean Water Fight Heads to Dover 4/24/17

Delaware Online: Lawmakers Propose Fee to Help Clean Up Water 4/24/17

Delaware Online Letter to the Editor: Flooding Threatens Water Quality 3/15/17

WDDE 91.1: Clean Water Proposal “Hoped For” in the Coming Months 3/2/17

Cape Gazette: Stockley Center and Inland Bays Partner for Clean Water 2/26/17

Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: We Must Address Flooding Before it Happens 2/24/17

Delaware Online Letter to the Editor: Fund Land Preservation Programs 2/7/17

Yale Environment 360: A Vulnerable Community Embraces for Impact of Sea Level Rise 1/30/17

Delaware Online: Feds Finally Turn Attention to Delaware 1/8/17

Townsquare Delaware: Environmentalists, Lawmakers Celebrate Passage of Landmark Water Bill 1/7/17

WDEL: Delaware Celebrates New Legislation to Protect Delaware River Basin 1/6/17

WHYY: Legislation Passes to Protect Delaware River Basin 1/6/17

Delaware 105.9: Carper, Coons, Carney Highlight Passage of Critical Environmental Legislation 1/6/17

Delaware Online Op-Ed: Landmark Water Legislation Shows America Can Still Do Big Things 12/20/16

WDDE: Atlantic Menhaden an Important Fishery, Stakeholders Say 12/10/16

Coastal Point: O’Mara – Everyone Needs Clean Water, But It Takes Movement 12/8/16

Delaware Online: Mt. Cuba, UD Researchers Partner to Study Stream Health 9/20/16

Delaware Online: Mayoral Candidates Set Environmental Goals 8/26/16

Delaware Online: (Photo Gallery) Wilmington Mayoral Candidates Debate Environmental Issues 8/26/16

Delaware 105.9: DNREC, Chesapeake Conservancy, U.S. Navy partner to acquire property for Sussex County’s Nanticoke Wildlife Area 8/10/16

WHYY: Delaware Gets Grant to Clean Contaminated Selbyville Water 8/8/16

WHYY Newsworks: Environmentalists Raise Awareness About Clean Water 6/8/16

Cape Gazette: Clean Water Rally in Dover Set for June 7 6/2/16

Delaware Online: Pollution Gains Prove Elusive in Delaware 4/21/16

WHYY: First Extra, Preserving Our Water  3/29/16

Delaware Online: Water Official: Delaware Lead Issue Nowhere Near Flint’s 3/17/16

Dover Post: Water by the Numbers 3/10/16

Delaware Online: Flint Crisis Prompts Look at Delaware Water 2/11/16

WGMD 92.7: Senator Greg Lavelle Asks For Water Safety Insurance 2/10/16

Cape Gazette Editorial: Rebuild Dune And Protect Marshes 1/26/16

Cape Gazette Editorial: Love Creek Needs More Love 1/22/16

WITN22 TV: Window on Wilmington 1/13/16

Cape Gazette: Third Land Use Series Forum on Water Held 11/27/15

WDDE 91.1: Research Anticipates Rise in Nuisance Flooding in Coastal Communities 11/13/15

Cape Gazette: Oak Orchard Project Helps with Drainage and Flooding 11/12/15

Delaware Online: Iconic Fish Species Move North as Ocean Warms 9/6/15

Delaware Online: Wetland Loss the Issue in Delaware Bay 9/5/15

WBOC: Delaware Clean Water Task Force to Meet Next Wednesday 8/24/15

Cape Gazette: Clean Water Campaign reaches Delaware’s capital 6/23/15

 WHYY First: Your Lawn Could Improve (or Worsen) Our Water 6/18/15

WDDE/WMPH 91.7: Delaware Organizations Rally for Cleaner Water Quality at Legislative Hall 6/3/15

Cape Gazette Op-Ed: Our Polluted Waterways Don’t Have to Be a Lost Cause 5/26/15

NewsWorks: Delaware Group Highlights Benefits of Healthy Wetlands 4/29/15

Cape Gazette: Clean Water Advocates Gather for Earth Day 4/25/15

UDaily: More on the Clean Water Campaign 4/24/15

WITN Channel 22: Window on Wilmington 4/22/15

The Cape Gazette: Environmentalists Hope to Spur Public Support for Clean Water 4/22/2015

The News Journal: Delaware River Basin- New Push for Restoration Starts 4/14/2015

The Cape Gazette Letter to the Editor: We Must Support Clean Water Act 3/20/2015

The News Journal Letters to the Editor: We Must Save Clean Water and Time to Make a Commitment to the Future 3/11/2015

Hockessin Community News: Delaware Conservation Leaders Launch Clean Water Campaign 3/4/2015

The Cape Gazette: Abbott’s Mill Offers Program to Improve Water Quality 2/23/2015

DNREC Press Release: New Christina River Watershed Report Details Wetland Health Management Recommendations 2/23/2015

Milford Live: Slaughter Beach Registers Community Wildlife Habitat 2/17/15

The News Journal: An Innovation Lesson from Israel, by former DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara 2/9/2015

NewsWorks/WHYY: Health of Delaware’s Waterways 5/11/15

The News Journal: EPA to Assess Cleanup Options at Dover Site 2/9/2015

Newark Post: City Seeks Charter Change To Help Pay For Overhaul of City’s Stormwater System 1/30/15

USDA Blog: Farm Bill Program Helps Improve Water Quality in the Delaware River Watershed 1/29/2015

Delaware 105.9 News Talk: DAFB Says No Contaminants in Drinking Water 1/6/2015